Celebrity Break Up : Did Fave Young Couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Call It Quits?

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Uh Oh! Trouble in (young) paradise! Recent reports suggest that Canadian pop star Justin Bieber and long time (by Hollywood standards) girlfriend Disney starlette Selena Gomez may have ended their relationship. As the Twitter-verse waits with baited breath, and legions of pre-teen girls hold onto a glimmer of hope, we explore this potential celebrity break up.

Bieber and Gomez officially confirmed their relationship at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party back in February 2011. Selena rocked a beautiful red gown by Dolce and Gabbana while her boy Bieber wore an all black suit also by D&G. The couple was affectionate, even sharing a quick kiss caught by the paparazzi, and adorable. Fans were saddened by the loss of their favourite dream boy but quickly fell in love with "Jelena".

From there, it's been a year of PDA pics featuring Jelena on the beach with his siblings, visits backstage, home town strolls and more red carpets. Stories of romantic gestures, such as renting out a sports stadium for a private screening of "Titanic", cemented our devotion to the world's cutest love story since R&J (except with less death and more music awards).

So what changed? Rumour has it that last week The Biebs tweeted something that sent his fans into a frenzy and then quickly deleted it. The tweet in question read, "thank you for the time i had with you but i have to move on now.." Neither Selena or Justin have responded to the infamous tweet OR to the speculation about the end of their romance. And they haven't posted any of the adorable PDA photos they're known for in quite some time! Furthermore, Selena recently deleted her Instagram account and posted photos of herself at a shooting range saying, "released some stress today."

And as if that weren't enough, Justin Bieber attended the Billboard Music Awards this past weekend (while Selena was on-set in Bulgaria) with another woman! Granted, his date was a devoted fan who has been begging Justin to be her prom date. Since Justin couldn't attend the prom, he decided an invite to be his date to the Billboard Music Awards was the next best thing (or way WAY better). Super adorable - we'll give him that. But not the best time to be attending events with a beautiful brunette who is not Selena Gomez!

Justin and Selena would be joining recent celebrity break up tabloid sellers Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, Lady Gaga and her beau, Adam Levine and model Anne Vyalitsyna and many more. Besides selling papers, their official break up may have devastating effects on heart broken tweens and pop music in general. As the young couple set to rule (or already ruling) the pop scene, their split, should it turn nasty, might lead to many awkward award show, red carpet and charity gala run-ins.

So, until we hear an official word either way on this young celebrity break up, we'll be left to speculate, cross our fingers, and pray to the cupid of young pop star love to save our favourite couple. While it was doubtful that teenaged Jelena would make it down the aisle, tales of their romance inspired some to hope for a fairytale ending. Or maybe this writer is just a little too attached...

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