Is Britney Spears too unstable for the X Factor?

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Is Britney Spears too unstable for the X Factor?

"I don't know who let you on stage."

These were the words uttered by Britney Spears in her new role as a judge for Simon Cowell's baby, the X Factor. But is she qualified to be a judge? Or is Britney too unstable and frankly untalented? Consistently panned for lip syncing in her concerts, how is she supposed to judge others with any kind of validity?

The real question is this: Is Britney Spears too unstable for the X Factor?

Then there is her strange behavior. "Britney Spears" has now walked off stage on the X Factor while judging a contestant twice. Was she too overwhelmed by the pressure of dealing with hopefuls who are at her mercy? Perhaps.

Britney has not handled pressure well in the past. As we all know, her unstable days were punctuated with an unforgettable head shaving scandal. But lately she has been perceived as making a comeback. And the X Factor is a big part of that. So if she wants to be harsh on the contestants, that is her right as a judge. Hopefully however, she will be able to give the contestants honest opinions and constructive criticism. Does her range as a performer gives her that right? Well, whether she is talented enough or not Britney is still a star and a force to be reckoned with.

So why did she walk off this last time? Well it may have been embarrassment and a bit of uncomfortableness. Britney's own song "(You Drive Me) Crazy was the one performed, but the drag queen who was singing it was in fact quite horrific. So maybe that was a good excuse to Britney. After all, who wants to see your own song butchered in such a manner?

How did said contestant even make it to the finals? Shows like America's Got Talent and American Idol audition contestants before they are placed in front of the actual judges for the television cameras. But maybe the controversy is better for the ratings?

That remains to be seen. In any case, Britney is no stranger to controversy. Let's just hope that her comeback is here to stay and that she and the other judges on the X Factor are able to judge the contestants fairly and kindly. And hopefully they can make one hopeful performer into a star.

Because that is the point of the show, isn't it? And hiring Britney as a judge is of course a boost for the ratings. Perhaps people would like to see her go through another breakdown. Hopefully not, both for her sake and the sake of the show.

Britney may not sing at her concerts, but she still has an asset - star power within the music industry. Image can be everything, but hopefully the contestants on the X Factor can back it up with real talent. And perhaps Britney is a qualified judge. Time will only tell. Meanwhile, she is still riding the wave of her comeback. Let's just hope that wave is gentle and not crashing all over the small screen. Good luck Britney Spears.

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