Was Michael Jackson's Death An Accident?

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So far no one knows specifically if Michael Jackson's death was an accident. However, Dr Conrad Murry Has admitted giving Jackson a drip containing Propofol to help Jackson sleep.

It's been reported that Murry's legal team will claim Jackson reset the machine controlling the drip, increasing the dosage which led to the heart attack that

caused Michael Jackson's death.

The King of Pop died at the age of 50 on June 25 and US authorities now believe he was killed by a lethal dose of Propofol. The Los Angeles county coroner confirmed his death was being treated as a homicide. It was reported that Dr Murray has been charged with involuntary manslaughter concerning the death of Michael Jackson.

Evidence presented showed that Dr. Murray was chatting on the phone with his girlfriend when he discovered the King of Pop was not breathing. He then allegedly called Jackson’s staff and others before 911 was called, which prosecutors said could have been as much as 21 minutes.

Following the singer’s death on June 25, 2009, police searched Jackson's home and found 12 vials of propofol - a fraction of the 255 vials a Las Vegas pharmacist said he shipped to Murray in the three months before the legendary singer died.

Dr. Christopher Rogers, chief of forensic medicine for the Los Angeles County coroner, said that Dr. Murray was wrong to leave Jackson's side while he was under anesthesia before he died. Murray was improperly using the powerful anesthetic to treat the musician for insomnia.

The decision to revoke his medical license is not in favor for Dr. Murray, who needs to work in order to pay his legal fees.The doctor has 24 hours to notify the Texas and Nevada medical boards of the court's ruling.

"It's the same as having a heroin addict and leaving the syringe next to him and walking away," said Dr. Richard Ruffalo, an anesthesiologist who testified as an expert witness.

Dr. Richard Ruffalo, an anesthesiologist, said Murray expressed concern about Jackson being addicted to the anesthetic in an interview with police two days after the singer's death. The cardiologist told police he left Jackson alone to use the restroom, and when he returned the pop star wasn't breathing.

Ruffalo called his attempts to perform CPR on the King of Pop's bed "useless." The technique must be performed on a hard surface.

"Because of Dr. Murray's actions, Michael is gone," Deputy District Attorney David Walgren said. "Because of Dr. Murray's actions, Michael's children are left without a father." Walgren made the point in his closing arguments, during which he placed the blame for Michael Jackson's death squarely on the doctor. "Michael is not here today because of an utterly inept, incompetent and reckless Dr. Conrad Murray," Walgren said.

On the final day of the preliminary hearing, another of Murray's attorneys grilled experts on the possibility that Jackson somehow gave himself a fatal dose of propofol.

A coroner's official and a prosecution expert said that while it's possible Michael Jackson swallowed propofol when his doctor stepped out of his bedroom, it was unlikely. Both said if that's what happened, it doesn't change Murray's culpability.

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