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Bodyguards and drug fueled romps are the buzz words in the latest celebrity news! Oskana Grigorieva's (Mel Gibson's ex) recently let go bodyguard (and rumored BGWB (body guard with benefits- wink wink!) is writing a tell all, and he isn't bound by a confidentiality contract, so we could be seeing some intimate details in Hollywood's most controversial split. Not to be outdone in the celebrity news, Angelina Jolie's supposed ex drug dealer has sold a tell all story to life in style complete with pictures that blow the halo off celebrity's favorite do good saint!

Splits and hookup are still staying in the forefront of the latest celebrity news. Xtina recently revealed despite her out of marriage romps she cried over the disillusion of her seeming open marriage. John Mayer was in the new recently for breaking hearts (Taylor Swift) and romancing new ones (Kim Kardashian). The Situations made the celebrity news today with the cover of his new book, which advertises that he will show you the way to score, but judging from his poor showing on this season of MTV's Jersey Shore, you are most likely going to strike out!

Back to Oksana- who appears to be the reigning queen of the celebrity news these days. Not only is she sans a bodyguard/boyfriend (again wink! wink!)it appears that there is a serious investigation into her with regards to the extortion charges mentioned early in the relationship breakup. It looks like they are seizing her computer as evidence. But no celebrity news regarding Oskana is complete without a mention of Mel. Supposedly hired to appearence in The Hangover 2, he was apparently let go since the rest of the cast was pissed off that he was even hired in the first place! He was probably hoping a role in this would do what Tropic Thunder did for Tom Cruise- but no amount of makeup and prosthetic's will disguise Mel- as evident by the day he tried to appear in public in a disguise but was all over the celebrity news instead!

Where is Lilo in the latest celebrity news? She isn't in directly but those moochers associated with her are. Her Dad made the statement that he won't be making any more statements! We can only hope for her sake that it is true but lets get real.. the next statement to let us know he is again making statements cannot be far behind. The only hope is that this will distance her from her Dad and hopefully she will follow the advice of her Betty Ford therapists and do the same with her leeching mother!

Let's end the celebrity news with a little bit of justice for the celebs- the paparazzi assault of the day. Jessie James's ex Janine Lindenmulder is being questioned as she has been accused of throwing a hot beverage on a photographer and causing him to "fall backwards into a wall" The photographer is on his way to the hospital at the moment and Janine is on her way to being locked up- ha ha- kidding but she is being questioned.

That's the latest celebrity news, check back again tomorrow to see who is making headlines- good or bad, happy or sad but entertaining as hell!

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