Which attention-seeking star's antics make the greatest headlines?

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Whether she's gyrating around the stage in her underwear, sitting naked on a wrecking ball or breaking up with famous boyfriends, Miley Cyrus is getting our attention. And that is exactly what she wants. She is one of the world's biggest attention-seeking stars. It may have started with that haircut; the long, wavy brown locks gone in favour of a blond brush-cut reminiscent of Annie Lennox.

Her video for the song "Wrecking Ball" has been viewed on YouTube over 130 million times (at last count).Why? Well, she appears naked, that's why. There are some people who love her for all these attention-seeking ploys and others who hate her for it. But we all know who she is and we're all talking about her. The whole world is talking about her. Like it or not, this kind of attention sells records. A recent story from Billboard reports that the "Wrecking Ball" video helped convince RCA to sign her.

Whether it's her record company telling her to do this or her own decision is not known. Maybe it's both. Perhaps they feel that the music is not good enough and they need all this extra attention. Maybe it just suits the style. Maybe it's the kind of entertainer she wants to be, like Madonna or Lady Gaga. Recent reports have her performing in Las Vegas on September 21st and getting emotional during a performance of "Wrecking Ball". Apparently, the song is all about her breakup with Liam Hemsworth and that is where the tears came from.

Is that true or is it just another way of getting our attention? We'll never know and perhaps it's a little heartless to assume so; it could be genuine. But she did perform that show in skimpy panties, nipple pasties and a see-through dress. She tells Rolling Stone it's a double standard that Robin Thicke has received no criticism for his role at the VMA's. Is she right? And it remains to be seen what kind of attention she gets for the "23" video. There's nothing there we haven't seen before so if she does take some heat for it, it may simply be because she's Miley.

She was born Destiny Hope and was given that name because her parents felt she was destined to do great things. Those great things started off innocent enough with small roles in "Big Fish", the television series "Doc" and of course "Hannah Montana". Her father Billy Ray has weighed in on all of this and seems to always defend and support her. Her mother Tish and a number of siblings are all rather quiet and seem to keep a pretty low profile.

So, given her upbringing was not that of a normal child, is she destined for more crazy things instead of great things? Is she going to be a has-been in five years and fall into that category of child stars whose adult lives spiral out of control and end up in and out of therapy like Lindsay Lohan or Danny Bonaduce? We certainly hope not although it seems to be the fate of some attention-seeking stars. Even if you're one whom does not like her, you wouldn't wish that fate upon her. Perhaps it's just a phase she is going through and it will all settle out in the end. The fact is, and it's sometimes easy to forget, she is a good singer and a good actress and maybe someday down the line, there will be a song and a movie role that will highlight her as such and we will all be fans again.

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