Are celebrity scandals on Twitter reality or just bad publicity?

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We are constantly hearing in the news that more and more celebrity scandals from celebrities attempting to further their careers and popularity however I am here to pose the question is this is a good thing? It started harmlessly with Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore posting tweets like madness about their personal lives and relationship. I think all celebrity buffs were interested to see just what celebrities would tweet back then but now it's becoming a form of ridicule that is newsworthy on stations like Fox News and other sources.

How much is too much when it comes to personal news on the celebrity? We do love it when they hit scandal bottom even bad publicity is good publicity right? Not always and these days we see the raw form of the celebrity down to political issues and even if they lack intelligence. It destroys the bubble of fame when a celebrity speaks out and it is a ridiculously dumb statement. That celebrity may never be forgotten for such statements and now on Twitter they are able to tweet any time even if they are not sober which can be a career ruining thing. Ask Mel Gibson on drunk episodes and how he has never fully recovered from answering questions about drunk phone calls and gilted lovers. The latest in the Twitter community scandals is Roseanne Barr.

On Friday November 29th in the evening she posted a rant about NBC rejecting her latest script that was more colossal than her singing the national anthem. This rant was against several NBC executives and Anderson Cooper and it was totally full of expletives and rage and then she tweeted on into the night about the rejection of her latest script not regretting one word. Then as we fast forward to the next day she apologized for drunken tweeting stating she was going to start a new show on YouTube instead of going through the traditional means she has always used in television.

This is the latest of several mishaps on Twitter and the question is how do we really think when we read Chers Twitter page and it is loaded with misspelling and ridiculous terms like "My Crew." What crew? she has been gone for years and the only news she has to report is a daughter that has become a son. Some celebrities have used Twitter to voice their opinions and the question remains should these opinions really be heard and should celebrities be seen and not heard? How much is too much and should they just step away from the phone on a bad night? The great part about celebrities being on Twitter is that you can actually reply to them and they might actually reply back.

However who wants to speak to someone that is just a pretty face or a character on a show and not a real person. People always want to believe in the magic and not the reality and I think that this is becoming more evident that celebrity status doesn't make one intelligent or even good for conversation. It should be a means to an end so fans can speak to their favorite stars but few celebrities even follow back or reply. Egotism is very evident in this medium however there are some that will reply and favorite your comments and they are worth the follow and your time. Some stars actually care about social issues and get involved and use their status to help others which is very admirable.

The good thing about Twitter if you don't want to see what a celebrity posts you can always unfollow and be done. The press however is not so forgiving. Are Celebrity scandals a good mixture or just bad publicity waiting to happen?

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