Is Larry Stylinson Real?

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Is Larry Stylinson Real?

This is a question on every Directioner's (A Directioner is a fan of One Direction) tongue. Some people want to believe it, some don't. This article goes over all the different theories, and really analyzes whether or not Larry Stylinson, could be real.

Larry Stylinson is a ship name for two members of the band One Direction: Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson. "Ship" is short for "Relationship" so their "ship name" is their "relationship name". Louis Tomlinson+Harry Styles=Larry Stylinson.Fans have noticed how close they are, and how friendly they act with each other, and they've started to speculate on whether or not this could be more than just a friendship. They hold hands a lot, they kiss each other on the cheek, and they always seem to be constantly touching in some way. There are many jokes and innuendo's made between the two boys, which could definitely put a question onto their sexuality. They even have matching tattoos, each with a back story connected to their relationship. For example, they first met by bumping into each other in the bathrooms of X Factor Bootcamp. As they bumped into each other, the first word to come out of Harry's mouth was "Oops" and Louis said "Hi". Harry now has a tattoo of "Hi" in Louis' handwriting, and Louis has "Oops" in Harry's handwriting.

Harry also has many tattoos which could link to him being homosexual, for example he has a gay rights symbol on his arm, the equality sign on his toe, and the words "I Can't Change" on his wrist. "Larry Shippers" (fans who want Louis and Harry to be together) believe the reason why they are not allowed to come out is because of One Direction's management company. Modest! Management have worked with One Direction since the start of their career, and since then the boys themselves have even been heard complaining about them. Directioner's believe that Modest! over work the boys, and don't give them any freedom what-so-ever. It is believed that Modest! will not let 'Larry' sit together in interviews, talk to each other in concerts, or have any contact with each other whilst out in public just because they don't want 'Larry rumours' going around. It is believed that Modest! want to portray the members of One Direction as good looking, heterosexual males as they don't want to lose the female fans, that make up 95% of the fanbase. Modest! have even gone as far as suspending people's twitter accounts just because they have tweeted about Larry. However this just spurs Larry Shippers to believe even more, as it proposes the question: If they have nothing to hide, why are they trying to hide it?

The only piece of evidence that suggests Louis and Harry aren't in a relationship is the fact that Louis has a girlfriend: Eleanor Calder. Eleanor is a 21 year old Uni student, who met, and has been in a relationship with, Louis in 2011. This however still doesn't deter Larry Shippers as they believe that she is a 'beard' hired by Modest! Management. A Beard is a person who is in a relationship with someone to hide that someone's sexuality, so Eleanor is in a relationship with Louis to hide his true sexuality.

Some Larry shippers even go as far to believe that Eleanor has a twin, or is even part of triplets, that all pretend to date Louis as her. There are pictures where you can see differences in appearance and height of Eleanor, and that it's actually one of her sisters posing to be her. Along with their being no 'Eleanor Calder' registered at her university, but there is a 'Christina Calder'.

On the other hand, there are many 'Elounor' shippers (Louis+Eleanor=Elounor) who are named 'Calderics' who constantly defend their idol's relationship, and often get into fights with Larry shippers about it. There seems to be a pretty even divide of people who believe which relationship is real, and I guess until Harry and Louis do come out with their relationship, no one will never know for sure the answer to the question: Is Larry Stylinson real?

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